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Frequently asked questions

Got a question about beINSANE? Then please take a look below in our FAQ.  If your question isn’t listed on our website, you can also contact us of course.

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What is the beINSANE?

beINSANE is not only the name we chose to give the project but also our motto. You have to be at least a little insane in order to attend our Events that is being hosted by the Staff Team of the >> Insane Raccoons <<

Who organizes the beINSANE?

Part of the Staff Team of the Insane Raccoons Community.

Is there an age limit on attendees?

16 and older.

Who sponsors the beINSANE?

We currently do not own any permanent sponsors and are still in search for so.

How can I become a sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring the beINSANE? Please contact us via business@insane-raccoons.eu

What will the prizes be?

We do our best to make sure we have great prizes for every tournament but most of the time we don’t announce the prizes until shortly before the tournament starts.

This helps deter those who only come for prizes as well as give us time to make sure we have enough prizes to spread around. We do our best to keep the tournaments about having fun more than about what you will win.

How are prizes handed out?

Monetary Prizes will be paid out via PayPal latest the day after the Tournament, you’ve participated in, has ended.

Physical Prizes will need to be sent to the Participants. We will ask the Winner of the Tournament for their address. IMPORTANT: Winners will be contacted via our contact@insane-raccoons.eu ONLY. Please don’t handout your address if not asked via this email.

How will the tournaments work?

We try to make sure the list only consists of games hat will fit into the schedule and that don’t have other limitations that prevent them from being a fair tournament.

Once you’ve joined our Discord you can sign up for our tournaments.

Please keep in mind that we do host more than one tournament at one point and with that we have to make considerations to keep each tournament limited to our scheduled window of time.

What do we use for voice communication during Tournaments?

You are more than welcome to use your own Voice communication Servers, as long as you have joined our prepared Discord channels for availability.

You will be able to join our Server through the following link

Can I sign up for multiple tournaments that are scheduled for the same time?

You can play in multiple, but we do sometimes run more than one at the same time. When signing up please keep an eye on the start time to make sure that there are no obvious overlaps.

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